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Terror Cards; Monsters, Murderers and Vixens, Oh My!

Women in Horror month is here, and Red River Horror had to find that Philadelphia connection. Philly-born Scream Queen Brooke Lewis Bellas is one of the 16 women featured in the Terror Cards’ “Women of Darkness” series of digital trading cards! But, as with any trading card game, you will have to do some work to get the Brooke Lewis Bellas award, featuring a regular “crypt” version and the rare “mausoleum” version of her cards.

Brooke Lewis Bellas - Terror Cards - Crypt Version - Front
Brooke Lewis Bellas Card – Crypt Version Front – image provided by Terror Cards
Brooke Lewis Bellas - Terror Cards - Crypt Version - Back
Brooke Lewis Bellas Card – Cryt Version Back – image provided by Terror Cards

The completionist in you has to have both, right!?

So…how do you “Catch ’em All” as they say in Pokemon?

First you have to download the free Terror Cards app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. By having the app, you automatically get free coins toward your pack of Terror Cards (additional coins can also be purchased). Throughout the month of February, collect cards one through seven to secure the Amy Crabtree award. Then, collect cards eight through 14 to secure the Brooke Lewis Bellas award. A complete walkthrough can be found at the Terror Cards’ official website.

The 2021 Women of Darkness collection is the latest exciting release by the trading card company that has been helping horror fans stay connected to their favorite independent horror films and celebrities since 2004. Back then, these cards were a physical product. With the advent of smart phone apps, Terror Cards have been able to expand to offer more monsters, murderers, and yes…vixens of the genre. And, what would the genre be without its leading ladies?

Happy Women in Horror Month — now open your packs of Terror Cards and start trading!

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