A Haunting in Conshohocken – RRH #6

An old house in Conshohocken, PA is the setting of episode six of the Red River Horror podcast. This house in-particular has been converted to include apartments within the walls – as so many old structures in the area have been repurposed to do.

Red River Horror’s first “Tell Me a Story” podcast includes Evan Yadeski’s run-in with a noisy neighbor. Yadeski, a scientist, has always been skeptical of the paranormal. Was his experience a natural occurrence, or is there more to it?

Yadeski sits down with his old roommate Joe Zakrzewski to tell the tale. Listen here, or follow and subscribe on your favorite podcast outlet: Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsPodbeanSpotify and TuneIn!

ALSO — thanks to the good folks at More than the Curve in Conshy for sharing this podcast far and wide. Be sure to show them some love!

31 Days of Halloween Part 1 – RRH #9 Red River Horror Podcast

It's the most wonderful time of the year…  Because 2020 has been such a rough year for many, we here at Red River Horror are expanding our coverage of this year's Halloween season.  Joe Zakrzewski and Eddie Caiazzo bring you "Red October" — the hand-selected films to be viewed from October 1-15, 2020.  BUT WAIT, there's more.  Joe and Eddie also welcome the newest contributor to Red River Horror, a friend of theirs known as Doctor Halloween.  Doctor Halloween provides his list you should view from October 1-15, 2020, and a glimpse into how his films for this year were selected.  This podcast will give you plenty to view in the first two weeks of horror's favorite month.  If it's Halloween and October that you want, your home for complete coverage is always www.RedRiverHorror.com.  Sit back, relax, grab your favorite fall beverage and enjoy Red River Horror's 31 Days of Halloween (Part 1) 
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  4. A Haunting in Conshohocken – RRH #6
  5. A Date with Death: Interview with William Sadler – RRH #5

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