Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon – RRH #4

Filmmakers Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon spend some time on a ZOOM call with Joe Zakrzrewski and I on the latest Red River Horror podcast. The writers and directors of the film Behind You talk about releasing their first film during the time of COVID, and the distribution challenges faced as a result of the lockdowns. But, Behind You will get a theatrical release in some markets internationally, which is excellent news!

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Mecham and Whedon explain the techniques they used to bring some of the visual scares to the screen. They also give Red River Horror a first look at their next project — The Nameless Days.

The Nameless Days - Red River Horror
Still photo from The Nameless Days, written and directed by
Andrew Mecham and Matthew Whedon
provided to Red River Horror by the Filmmakers

We hope you enjoy our chat with Andrew and Matthew, as they speak candidly about being indie filmmakers during these crazy times in quarantine. And, when you listen to this episode, you’ll get an extra special sneak peek of the guys’ next horror project, which Joe and I think you’ll like a whole lot.

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