Manor Road – RRH #3

“Tale as old as time…” Well, modern time. In the age of the automobile, the roads traveled under tires are sometimes more famous than the machines themselves. Why are these roads so famous? Because of the scary stories, of course!

Such a road exists just across the Philadelphia city line heading into Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Manor Road - Lafayette Hill, PA - Red River Horror
Manor Road on Google Maps (Lafayette Hill, PA)

Manor Road rests between the bustling Ridge Pike and the Schuylkill River in Lafayette Hill, PA. It’s not a long road, but, in the late 1990s, the two-lane path to the river was shrouded in woods dense enough to birth a local urban legend for those who dared to drive it at night.

On the third Red River Horror podcast, Joe Zakrzewski and I give an audio account of the legend of Manor Road as it was told to us more than 20 years ago. Stories like these surround roads like this all across America.

Do these stories exist to keep crazy lust-filled teens from cozying up to one another away from the eyes of their parents? Did the urban legend of “Lover’s Lane” and the hook man originate in the state of Pennsylvania?

Find out in episode three of the Red River Horror podcast.

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Take a video daytime drive down Manor Road!

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