VUDU: Top 10 Horror Movies to Watch for FREE

Walmart’s streaming service VUDU always has a fantastic selection of movies to watch.  But usually I do not take notice of how deep their free (with ads) offerings run until the month of October.  Well, we’re in the thick of October, and the good folks at VUDU have compiled their Top 10 horror flicks you can watch right now for FREE.

The Blair Witch Project

Camping is in tents (eh, eh?), and this trip is no exception. Three friends head to the woods to uncover a legend that should be left alone. Which witch is the scariest? The original – and it’s free.



This story’s urban, but it’s no legend. Two documentarians researching a string of missing children uncover a real-life horror story that’s scarier than fiction. The truth is out there, and it’s free to watch.


Lords of Salem

Terror of historical proportion rock and roll Salem in this Rob Zombie scare fest. Get backstage for free.


Child’s Play

It’s all fun and games until somebody get murdered. Enjoy this playdate with destiny for free.



Come out, come out, wherever you are…  Bring out The Boogeyman for free.


When a Stranger Calls

This babysitter thinks she’s safe. But is she? If you’re looking for free scares, don’t call us, we’ll call you.


Night of the Creeps

Nothing says hell week like a fraternity full of alien zombies. Take the pledge and watch for free.


The Returned

The cure for the common zombie has some nasty side effects. We prescribe watching The Returned for free.


The Cottage

The accommodations are to die for.  Enjoy your free stay in The Cottage.


Don’t Hang Up

Is your refrigerator running…for its life? Watch for free as the pranksters become the pranked.


Remember, this Top 10 was compiled by VUDU.  If you disagree with their choices, there’s still more than 400 movies to choose from — all of them FREE for your viewing pleasure!  Click here to see the entire complimentary menu of horror films available to watch.

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