March 2023 Horror Preview

Another month here at Red River Horror and we’re still celebrating all things horror.

It’s a real shame there’s no new Leprechaun movie, but nevertheless, here we go marching on with the preview!

March 3rd

Children of the Corn: Though technically completed and released back in 2020, Children of the Corn will receive another limited theatrical window before hitting its wide release on Shudder later this month (March 21st). This marks the second reboot of the classic Stephen King short story and the eleventh film in the franchise overall.

Maybe this film will fare better than screenwriter Kurt Wimmer’s other reimaginings: 2012’s TOTAL RECALL & 2015’s POINT BREAK.

Hunt Her Kill Her: This minimalist contained thriller tells the story of a young woman/janitor trapped after hours with a group of violent masked intruders. Perhaps nothing too groundbreaking, but a fun if not familiar exercise in brutality and suspense.

March 10th

Scream VI: Fan favorite Kirby Reed (Hayden Panettiere) returns in the sixth film in the franchise (…and unfortunately the first to not feature series veteran, Neve Campbell) – the film will follow sisters Tara and Sam Carpenter fleeing Woodsboro to find safe haven in New York City after the events of the previous film – will their newfound happiness last or is yet another Ghost Face on the loose?

Unicorn Wars: “Bambi meets Apocalypse Now” reads the Rotten Tomatoes synopsis for this Spanish language Happy Tree Friends-inspired horror comedy from acclaimed filmmaker and artist Alberto Vazquez (BIRDBOY) – an outrageous, loud, neon-colored, candy-coated surrealistic look at the horrors of war through the lens of teddy bears and unicorns.

March 17th

65: Adam Driver stars in this Sam Raimi produced sci-fi/action/horror blend from the minds behind A QUIET PLACE.

When an astronaut awakens stranded on a mysterious planet, he discovers he is instead on Earth, just sixty-five million years in the past – personally, this looks like a blast and I can’t wait to watch it in all its dino-killing glory.

There’s Something Wrong with The Children: Last month, I bemoaned the lack of religious horror films in recent years, but now, here’s another trope we begrudgingly haven’t seen in a while – killer kids! Whether it’s Reagan from THE EXORCIST, Damien from THE OMEN, THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED, the twins from THE SHINING, or even the aforementioned CHILDREN OF THE CORN, psychotic children used to be a big staple in horror movies that we just don’t see enough of anymore.

Directed by Roxanne Benjamin (V/H/S, XX, SOUTHBOUND), this chiller follows two young couples and their suspicions that sinister forces could be at play when their young children disappear into the woods for extended periods of time each night.

Expecting a slow burn from this one when it hits Shudder later this March.

March 28th

Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham: Finally, we have this animated adaptation of the award-winning Mike Mignola (Hellboy, B.R.P.D) penned graphic novel.

First announced at San Diego Comic-Con last year, this animated film features a stacked voice cast with the talents of John DiMaggio, David Dalmastician, Patrick Fabian, and Tim Russ just to name a few.

The impressive artwork and attention to detail make this love letter to H. P. Lovecraft a must-watch for comic book fans and horror nerds alike.

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