Phantasm: Remastered – RRH #2

Phantasm: Remastered…you play a good game, boy. Thanks to Phantasm super fan J.J. Abrams and his team at Bad Robot, Phantasm: Remastered pops on-screen in 4K and booms in 5.1 DTS-HD MA.

During the COVID quarantine, Red River Horror podcast host Joe Zakrzewski and I made it a point to go back to our roots. We watched Phantasm II, III, IV and RaVager (for the first time). Then, last week, we capped it off by finally seeing the original Phantasm again. The 1979 original holds a special place in our hearts because we were both blown away by how good it was the first time we viewed it in the early 2000s. But this time, we peeled the wrapper off of Bad Robot’s Phantasm: Remastered.

Official Trailer for Phantasm: Remastered

Joe and Eddie determined that Don Coscarelli’s first horror film is not a cult classic…it is a horror classic. The Tall Man, brought to life by Angus Scrimm, is more menacing than ever in 4K. The music is literally taken to another level, with the classic score enhancing Mike, Jody and Reggie’s journey against The Tall Man and his minions.

If you’re listening, we thank you. But, beware — many spoilers ahead!

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Phantasm Remastered Poster - Red River Horror
Official Phantasm: Remastered Poster
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