Cult Canoe

Welcome to the Cult Canoe Channel

There are some horror films you may have missed the boat on…but that’s OK!

This Channel of the Red River features reviews in 250 words or less, with a trailer embedded and links to your favorite online streams.

The little boats Red River uses for reviews will be different from regular film reviews on the site, which tend to be a bit more in-depth.

The boats seen above let the site visitor know that they’re in the Cult Canoe, and are shaded RED.  Other reviews on the site will feature boats in full color.  The image above indicates the reviewer is giving this film three out of five boats.  That’s a pretty good score, and you should probably check that film out.

If there are any films YOU wish to see featured, please email with the subject line: “Cult Canoe” and the title of the film.

Float on, friends, and welcome to the Cult Canoe in the Red River.

-Eddie Caiazzo
Red River
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